Lawn Service Benefits

  1. Granular fertilizer - A slow release formula designed to enhance root growth, maintain color and increase drought tolerance.
  2. Liquid Fertilizer - Essential to build a healthy root system and maintain lawn color during drought and cooler months when the lawn is dormant or stressed.
  3. Insect control - For lawn damaging insects such as chinch bugs sod web worms, mole crickets, army worms, grubs, and fire ants. Flea treatments are included in bi-monthly lawn service or as a one time service.
  4. Weed control - Pre-emergent and post-emergent of broadleaf weeds and sedge weed. Due to EPA restrictions, we cannot stop or control crabgrass.

Shrub Service Benefits

  1. Granular slow release fertilizer - Designed to enhance shrub growth and color.
  2. Insect and disease control - A complete spray service which will eliminate shrub damaging insects.

American Services is a full service company offering pest control for the Home and Landscape. We also offer full termite protection as well as pre-treats for any additions you might have in mind.

American Services will expend whatever time, expertise and expense necessary to insure each and every customer is 100% satisfied.